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Buying gemstones in Chanthaburi (Thailand)

Buyer in Gemsbrokers trading office in Chanthaburi, Thailand The broker returns with the owner's answer:

> The owner refuses your offer, but advances another price:
If no longer interested, you may refuse. Break the seal or allow your assistant to break it and broker will repossess the gems.
If still interested, you may re-engage in negotiation.

> The owner accepts your offer:
Open the seal and give the gems to the assistant for a final check of weight and authenticity.

Payment must be made to the office assistant in Thai Baht only. A receipt is available upon request.

Broker checking weight in Gemsbrokers trading office in Chanthaburi, Thailand Congratulations! You are now the legal owner of these genuine gemstones


Gemsbrokers treats the transactions undertaken in our offices very seriously. For your security, in case of an attempt to sell fake gemstones, they are seized and Gemsbrokers can prosecute the broker.

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