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Banks in Chanthaburi

Chanthaburi banks form an efficient banking sector that is connected in real-time to the world banking system.

As trading in gems is done on a cash-only basis, banks in Chanthaburi offer a range of services to help you:

> Foreign currency exchange and Travellers Checks.
> Teller machines (ATMs) with a withdrawal limit of 20,000 THB.

> Over-the-counter withdrawal, in which case the only withdrawal limit is that of your bank at home.

Attention : You can withdraw up to a certain sum according to your personal agreement with the credit card's issuing bank. For more information on your withdrawal limit ask your banker.

Bank business hours: Monday to Friday (excepted national holidays) from 8H30 to 15H30.

Chanthaburi main banks:

>Bangkok  Bank

18  Tha  Chalab Rd  / Tel. (039) 311495

>Bangkok  Metropolitan
68  Srichan Rd / Tel. (039) 311842-3

>Bank of Asia
82/9  Tha Chalab Rd  Tel. (039) 312823-4

>Bank of Ayudhya
181  Kwang Rd / Tel. (039) 311023

>Krung  Thai  Bank
94/14  Thachalab Rd / Tel. (039) 311008

157/32 4  Tha  Chalab Rd / Tel. (039) 322047

>Siam  City  Bank
203  Kwang Rd / Tel. (039) 311079 312276

>Siam  Commercial  Bank
155  Thetsaban  2  Rd / Tel. (039) 322035

>Kasikorn (formerly Thai  Farmers  Bank)
28/9  Moo.6  Trirat  Rd / Tel. (039) 321822-5

>Thai Military Bank
157/30  Tha  Chalab Rd / Tel. (039) 311795

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