10 tips to buy gemstones

These tips can appear superfluous or even complicated, but gemstone negotiation is in fact simpler than it looks like and it and often proves to be an enriching human experience.

Tip n°1

Your assistant is at your service and is there to help you obtain the best deals. The intent behind the service is in order for you come back to buy more stones, so take advantage of it...

Tip n°2

Take time to observe well from every angle the gems presented and look for defects (color badly distributed, color zoning too present, too apparent inclusions, cutting defects, etc).
This time of observation can be used for reflexion or calculation. For the latter, using a calculator is preferred.
Pay attention not to let the broker, or another broker present, to see the figures that you are typing.

Tip n°3

It is important to maintain a cold appearance in front of the packages presented. Keep your distance in order to be able to make sound judgment on the product.

Tip n°4

Do not be too rigid in your request and remain open to the opportunities that can arise.

Tip n°5

Listen carefully to the offer (always done in local currency). Do not forget to present an expression of dissension in response to the price suggested.
Do not allow the age, the sex or even the nationality of the broker to distract you.

Tip n°6

Always present yourself in good form and stay alert. The good bargains could be proposed upfront or at the end of the presentation.

Tip n°7

Control your enthusiasm, the broker is keeping an eye on your interest and will play on it.

Tip n°8

Be conscious that the terminology used in the verbal language may not be the same for the broker as it is for you. The figures on the calculator are the clearest language understood by the broker.

Tip n°9

You will encourage the broker to take an offer by expressing any defects in the stone. As he or she is already aware of them, in this way you will have more of a professional appearance to him.

Tip n°10

Make your offer only at the end of the negotiation. The amount that you propose (or counter-propose) must look like the ultimate concession of your part.

Most importantly: ask advise from your assistant. Remember he is there to make certain you have the best deals as the desire is to have you come back to buy more gems...


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