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The city of Chanthaburi...

Waterfall in Chanthaburi Province, Thailand

Chanthaburi, ancient city of Thailand, which also gives its name to the major Eastern Seaside province has played an important role in history of the Thai Nation.  

Well known for centuries for its precious stones mining and cutting industry, pottery and ornaments circa 4000 years old were found in this province recently.

The Chanthaburi province, rich in naturals parks with beautiful waterfalls, is reputed for its abundance intropical fruits and fresh sea food.

Health, sport and recreation facilities, more than 100 easily accessible beaches, mountain trekking tours, rafting (rainy season only), world-class golf courses, the Oasis Dolphin Park and even a crocodile farm… are only some of its attractions.

Chanthaburi also boasts performing medical, communication and banking facilities, and it is an important educational center in the medical and technical fields.

Nevertheless, the main wealth of the province is its inhabitants. Take time to meet them and you will be delighted by their kindness and hospitality.

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