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Thailand - 2021 national holidays

Thai flower >January 1st: New year’s Day
>February 12th: Chinese New Year
>February 26th: Magha Puja Day
>April 6th: Chakri Dynasty Day
>April 12th to 18th: Songkran (Thai new Year)
>May 3rd: Nation Labo Day (substitute)
>May 4th: Coronation of King Vajiralongkorn
>May 26th: Visakha Bucha Day
>June 3rd: Queen Birthday
>July 26th: Asarnha Bucha Day (substitute)
>July 28th: Birthday of King Maha Vajiralongkorn
>August 12th: Queen Mother's Birthday
>October 13th: Passing of King Bhumibol
>October 25th: King Rama five Day (substitute)
>December 6th: King Bhumibol's Birthday (substitute)
>December 10th: Constitution Day
>December 31st: End of year
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