Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gemsbrokers trading office?

Gemsbrokers trading offices provide gemstone or precious stone buyers and sellers with space for free transacting in cash. New York and Tel Aviv diamond stock exchanges are well known for offering such spaces, but few people know that spaces like these for trading gemstones exist in Thailand and India.

What professional services are guaranteed by Gemsbrokers?

Gemsbrokers offer on-site professional testing services and guarantees the authenticity of the gems transacted in our offices. If we have any doubt, we will have the stone checked by a major laboratory. If by mistake a synthetic gem (or any other type of fraudulent merchandise, with the exception of stable thermal treatments on authentic gems) passes through the hands of our testing experts without being detected, the buyer has a period of three months to return the stone. He will be reimbursed through the Manager of the trading office and heavy charges will be brought against the broker. Included of course in the Gemsbrokers guarantee is the confidentiality of the transactions.

Who is the owner?

The owner is the gem’s legal owner. When an owner wants to sell a gem, a broker is asked to research the market and find the best buyer for it. The broker is responsible for the confidentiality of the transaction on behalf of the owner. The owner of the gem is usually a gem-cutter or a merchant, but can be anybody, including the broker himself.

How is the broker paid?

The owner pays the broker a percentage of the selling price.

How trading offices are paid ?

The owner pays the trading office a small percentage of the selling price

Why brokers take their business to Gemsbrokers?

Gemsbrokers guarantees that brokers are paid immediately in order to encourage the sale of quality products at reasonable prices.

How much money should I spend in a trading office?

There is no minimum amount but you must take into consideration your expenses in reaching trading offices, which are included in your cost price.

What formalities are required to bring these stones in my country ?

Exportation of polished stones from countries hosting a Gemsbrokers trading office is free. For importation in your country, please consult your customs office.

What is the Gemsbrokers news for?

The Gemsbrokers on-line news constitutes a gemstone market research database. The fluctuations of supply and demand on these markets allow us to read in real-time the political situation of certain countries, and to anticipate possibles changes.

Example 1:
The study of the market for rubies in the beginning of the 90’s showed with precision the existence of frictions between the Red Khmers and the central government in Kampuchea (in former Cambodia), as well as the increase in the military capacity of the Vietnamese army.
Example 2 : The observation of the fluctuations in Afghan gems like lapis, Panjshir emeralds, and Nouristan tourmalines made it easier to distinguish the political and economic frontiers inside that country.
Example 3 : Observing the market for tourmalines and mandarin garnets coming from Nigeria can help verify and localize separatist tensions in that country.


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