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Buying diamonds in Antwerp (Belgium)

Checking weight of a diamond in Gemsbrokers trading office, Antwerp, Belgium
The broker returns with the owner's answer.

At this stage, either one of the following ensues:

> the owner refuses your offer, but mandates the broker to advance another price:
No longer interested, you refuse. Break the seal or tell assistant to break the seal in order to allow the broker to repossess the diamonds. If Interested: re-engage in negotiation.

> Owner accepts:

Open the seal and give the gems to the assistant for a final check of weight and authenticity.

Mazal in Gemsbrokers trading office, Antwerp, Belgium

Traditionally the deal is sealed by shaking hands with the broker and saying “mazal u’ bracha”, or more simply "mazal", which means “good luck and blessings”.
These words, together with the traditional handshake constitute a verbal contract entered definitively by the two parties.

Pay the assistant the fixed price adding taxes (VAT). Payment need to be made in cash.
For more information on money matters, look up Banks in Travel information menu.

Congratulations! You are now the legal owner of genuine diamonds


Gemsbrokers treats the transactions undertaken in our offices very seriously. For your security, in case of an attempt to sell fake gems or fake certificates, they are seized, and Gemsbrokers has the power to prosecute the broker implicated.

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