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Buying diamonds in Antwerp (Belgium)

Once the buyer and the broker agree on a price, the Gemsbrokers assistant will:

• Place the merchandise in a package, seal it with the stamp of the office, mark the price, and present the package to you for one last confirmation

• Hand the package over to the broker, who will get the approval of the diamond’s owner or if he his mandated, finalize the transaction himself

The offer price is now definitive.

Diamond packing and sealing


• Set up a time limit for the broker's return with the help of the Gemsbrokers assistant. If the owner of the diamonds is abroad, the broker may wait until the opening time of the owner's offices.

• The validity of the deal sealed cannot exceed 24 hrs.
The usual delays range between 15 min. to 2 hrs.

• Please note that all your offers to buy for different diamonds can be accepted. In order to avoid surpassing your means, ask the assistant to keep you informed of the balance.

Diamond prices are always given in US Dollars (USD), per carat, and do not include taxes. Payments need to be made in cash.  For more information on money matters, look up Banks in Travel information menu.


Taxes (VAT) are due for all merchandise transactions within the European Union. In Belgium taxes are 21% of the selling price.
Reimbursement of the amount paid in taxes:
• EU residents: in your home country, on the basis of a commercial VAT number.
• Non EU residents: at the airport of exit from Europe.

For more information regarding the reimbursement of taxes paid, ask your Gemsbrokers assistant.


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