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Buying diamonds in Antwerp (Belgium)

Looking diamond in the Gemsrokers trading office, Antwerp, Belgium

As a general rule, diamonds on this market sell at non-negotiable prices. Yet, sometimes brokers will agree to negotiate. All negociation steps are made either within the presence of the broker or by telephone.
As in all negotiations, make your offer after consulting your assistant.

The broker will answer with another offer, until agreement is reached, or not. You can expect to lower the price by 1 to sometimes 10% in negotiating with the broker.


Ask your Gemsbrokers assistant to lead the negotiation. He will use his vast knowledge of the market and brokers to help.

At this point, either
• There is no agreement with regards to the selling price.
• An agreement is reached: the price negotiated satisfies both you and the broker.

Always keep in mind that every offer you make must be real

in Antwerp

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