Our offices in gemstone markets

Antwerp - Belgium

Antwerp Belgium

Exclusively diamonds !

Located in the Antwerp Diamond Stock Exchange in the heart of the world's diamond market, Gemsbrokers trading office offers you a most unique opportunity to negotiate diamonds cut worldwide being offered for sale through brokers active in Antwerp.

Diamond selling prices in our Antwerp trading office are an incredible 65 to 70% off the market retail prices on your home market.

Gemsbrokers offers you a complete guarantee on your purchases, high security standards and confidentiality for all your transactions with diamond brokers.

An assistant is at your service to guide and counsel you during these transactions and for anything else you might need during your stay in Antwerp.

Don't miss this opportunity !

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Everything you need to buy your diamond without hassles.

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Prepare for your stay in Antwerp.

Jaipur - India

Jaipur India
India, the colored gems market !

In Jaipur, Rajasthan State, India, in the middle of the colored gems market, Gemsbrokers facilitates your encounters with local brokers that sell precious stones at 80 to 90% off the regular retail prices on the market worldwide.

You will always find: cut emerald or cabochon, aquamarine, amethyst, citrine, ruby necklaces...

Gemsbrokers guarantees confidentiality during your transactions and that all gems sold by the local brokers are tested by our experts.
Our assistants will counsel and guide you during the negotiation process.

Buy gemstones, according to your desires in a secure environment, directly from the brokers on the market !

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Close a deal with the best results.

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Prepare for your stay in Jaipur.

Chanthaburi - Thailand

Chanthaburi Thailande

Thailand's gemstone market !

Our Chanthaburi trading office, located in the heart of the gems market in Thailand, is a unique place where you can buy precious stones for an amazing 80 to 90% off the market value on your home market.

You will always find: ruby, sapphire, spinel, blue zircon, tourmaline, and much more...

Our experts guarantee the quality of the gems offered for sale by the local gemstone brokers, and our assistants ensure the confidentiality of your transactions.
You can also count on them to help and guide you through the negotiation process.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get the gemstone you have always dreamed of !

How to buy ?
More insights into the best way to negotiate with brokers.
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Prepare for your stay in Chanthaburi.

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