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Buying gemstones in Chanthaburi (Thailand)

The buyers
Professionals and private individuals who are interested in buying from the Chanthaburi gemstone market for the best wholesale price worldwide.

The brokers
The brokers are legal representatives of the owners of the gems. They show the gems to buyers and then negotiate with interested buyers.

the assistant
The assistant is a Gemsbrokers representative in charge of promoting fair-trading. He provides all legal guidance for the transactions, and assists buyers in their dealings with the brokers.

Always remember that the assistant is on your side and will help you to obtain the best price possible.
The expert
The expert is a Gemsbrokers representative who guarantees the authenticity of the gems.

Gemsbrokers trading office in Chanthaburi, Thailand
The trading office
Located in the heart of the Chanthaburi gemstone market, Gemsbrokers trading office is fully equipped for business.

You will find:
• a white and wide professional negotiation table in an air conditioned room
• perfect conditions for observing the gems:
area illuminated from the N-E, and quality "daylight" artificial lighting
• fast internet and computer facilities
• first-choice quality refreshments
in Chanthaburi

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