Gemstone shapes
Jaipur . 2016-06-15

Aquamarine instead of water
Hot weather make water scarce. Rajasthan is dry and dam levels are low. The only "aqua" which is plenty is the gemstone aquamarine

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Chanthaburi . 2016-03-12

The Fall of Tourmaline
After a few years of continue increase, tourmaline prices turns back to normal. Tourmaline is a very nice colored stone with a high patrimonial value but not a product of investment scheme.

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Jaipur . 2015-06-18

Tourmaline cleaning
Despite hot weather, Chinese buyers are running on the market to find remaining tourmaline

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Chanthaburi . 2015-01-12

Ebola and ruby prices
Rainy season ended in South Eastern part of Africa and miners are back to work but there will be no decrease in sight ruby prices

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Jaipur . 2014-10-22

Garnet as investment ?
Garnet is very attractive. It is a very nice and hard gemstone and is not subject to any treatment. Garnet is not possible to cook in any way to improve clarity or color as destruction will occur

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Chanthaburi . 2014-01-31

Ruby prices run following blue sapphire
Ruby prices run following blue sapphire. Commercial tourmaline prices are down but prices for big, clean stones with off color still demand high prices even if buyers (mainly from China) tend to be more cautious in their purchases.

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