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Demantoid garnet

Demantoid garnet
Garnets are a closely related group of gemstones that are available in every color except blue.

The name demantoid comes from the Dutch «demant» meaning «diamond». Demantoid garnet is called thus because of its high luster associated with a strong dispersion 0,057, higher than diamond.

Demantoid garnet is the most important stone of the andradite type of garnet. Some rich grass- green stones owe their color to a slight replacement of the iron in the structure by chromium.

Demantoid garnet is one of the rarest of all gemstones. Stones over five carats are extremely rare and pieces over ten carats are virtually unknown.

Demantoid garnet was found originally in the nineteenth century in Russia and was very much prized by the former Czars.

Garnet was known thousands of years before our era and is mentioned in early biblical writings. The name garnet comes from the Latin «granatus» meaning «seed like», and was considered to symbolize faith, constancy and truth.

Garnet was supposed to have strong curative powers. In powder, it was used as poultice to relieve fever. As an amulet, garnet was favored by travelers. For it was said to protect and preserve health and honor, cure the wearer of all diseases, as well as guard against all the perils of a journey.

Garnets were also used in ancient Asia and the American Southwest as bullets, because it was said to increase the ferocity of wounds.

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