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Violet sapphire oval cut

Sapphires come from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, and Cambodia. Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, China, Vietnam, Madagascar. The United States also produces some sapphire, mostly in small sizes and fancy colors.

The most famous sources for sapphire are Cashmere and Burma, now known as Myanmar.
Cashmere sapphire has a rich velvety color prized by connoisseurs.
Burma sapphires, from the same region that produces fabulous rubies, are also very fine.
However, today, these two sources account only for a very small quantity of the sapphire on the market.

Most fine sapphire on the market today come from Sri Lanka and Madagascar, which produce a wide range of beautiful blues, from delicate sky blue colors to rich saturated hues.

Sri Lanka and Tanzania are also a major supplier of fancy colored sapphires, such as the famous padparadshah (orange-pink color).

Kanchanaburi in Thailand and Pailin in Cambodia are renowned for deep blue, even colors.
Thailand is the world's most important sapphire heating and trading center. Some of the largest sapphire cutting factories are in the Chanthaburi area of Thailand.

Blue sapphire octagon cut Madagascar is now one of the main supplier of the world market .It has produced some exceptionally fine stones in all sizes but has still little organized mining. Many of these Madagascar stones are presently sold to Sri Lanka dealers who market them in Sri Lanka as original Sri Lanka stones.

Tanzania, which has long produced sapphires in other colors, is also starting to produce blue colors from a new deposit in the south.


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