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Aventurine quartz

Aventurine quartz drop cabochons

History and origin

The appearance of this variety of green quartz is characterised by a sparkling effect called "aventurescence" when it is turned in front of a light source. This effect is produced by the presence in the crystal of small platelets of green fuchsite, a variety of muscovite, mineral related to mica, very rich in chromium.
These inclusions are generally oriented parallel, what gives an alternation of light and dark green on the stone. Colour depending on the density of inclusions in the crystal host.
The origin of the name of this stone comes from the Masters Venetian glassmakers who, the first ones in the 17th century, produced a molten glass loaded with copper shavings, giving a sequined effect. At that time, the manufacturing process was, although documented, rather unpredictable and held more luck (ventura) than science.
A statue made from aventurine quartz belonging to the Olmec civilisation in Central America was dated back 2 400 years. This piece of art is currently on display at the British Museum of London.
Aventurine quartz is sometimes found in tints of brown and red on which colour results from inclusions of goethite or hematite.
A huge bowl in beige aventurine measuring more than 2 meters in diameter is in the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg in Russia.
In France, the grave of Napoleon 1st, located in the middle of the dome of Invalides in Paris, is placed under an enormous block sculptured of red-brown aventurine imported from Russia. Country against which he fought, and which then pulled his fall...

Myths and facts

Due to the "luckily" creation of the aventurescent glass by the Venetian glassworkers, the natural stone became one "chance charm" for many players. It’s also supposed to favour the conjunction of factors allowing its owner to benefit from opportunities appearing in front of him, during a face to face with competitors in love affairs and/or to go to plead in front of a fiscal jurisdiction.
A big quantity of psychic troubles can be cured or at least improved thanks to aventurine quartz. It is supposed to develop self-confidence, to calm tortured spirits and to bring a peace of mind. It is also thought that it helps to stimulate dreams and to strengthen the creativity of its owner.
A big quantity of physical troubles can be improved by aventurine quartz. It would have a beneficial influence on myopia as well as for respiratory and cardiac problems. It would calm eczemas, acnes and other skin disorders and would also help in regulation of cholesterol…
It would increase the cognitive capacities of the children and would help the writers in their creativity.
More recently, it is said that aventurine quartz would even help to eliminate the bad waves in an environment of computers and mobile phones…
Aventurine quartz is often dyed and sold as jade or nephrite, which is completely forbidden. Real jade in these colours is much rarer.

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