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India : national holidays for 2017

Music and dance in Rajasthan >January 26th: Republic Day
>February 24th: Maha Shiv Ratri
>March 12th: Holi
>March 13th: Colour festival
>April 4th: Sri Rama Birthday
>April 9th: Mahavir Jayanty
>April 14th: Good Friday
>May 10th: Buddha Purnima
>June 26th: Id'ul'Fitr
>August 7th: Raksha Bandhan
>August 15th: Independence Day - Krishna Birthday
>September 2nd: Bakr'id
>September 30th: Vijaya Dhashmi
>October 1st: Muharram
>October 2nd: Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday
>October 19th: Diwali
>November 4th: Guru Nanak Birthday
>December 25th: Christmas Day

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